We are still operating in both Colac and Winchelsea to provide local pets and farms with essential care through this difficult period. Please take care and help us to do our best to minimise the spread and manage safety, we are aiming to keep clients staff and the community safe by taking the following measures:

  • Upon arrival please be aware we have restrictions the number of people we can have in reception and consults
    • Please ensure you check in using the QR code at the front door
    • Please wait outside until reception is empty of clients (one client in reception at a time)
    • Please limit visits to one person per patient
    • If you have any questions please feel free to phone us from your car on 03 5232 1792
  • Drug orders/prescriptions/pet food - please phone ahead in advance and allow us time to get them ready
  • Please notify us over the phone if you are unwell and your pet needs veterinary attention - we will make a plan to ensure everyone's safety and to maintain the welfare of your pet

Thank you for your patience and understanding, we have implemented these measures for client and staff safety as all of us have elderly relations.  We have many elderly clients that we would also like to protect.  Please call the clinic for more information if you would like to discuss a visit plan.

Stay safe and respect each other - we are here to help

Please monitor our website for further updates or follow us on instagram: @colacvet