Lame cattle


It is important to diagnose where a lameness originates with up to 90% of lesions being attributed to claw lesions, the remaining 10% are generally higher in the leg attributed to joints and bones.

Hip dislocations can be replaced with success if attended to promptly, proper assessment is required to ensure that the bones and joint capsules are intact.

Hoof Lesions:

Our Veterinarians are skilled at diagnosing and treating hoof lesions in cattle.  It is important to identify the lesion and correctly remove all under-run hoof wall and sole to allow clearance of infection and production of healthy new hoof wall.  We provide and apply 'Cow Slips' and hoof blocks to improve cow mobility instantaneously.

If you have lameness problems on a larger scale we can help by providing recommendations for track specifications, maintenance and dairy flow to minimise lame cow incidence.