Worm Egg Counts

Worm Egg Counts

We are able to complete worm egg counts for your mobs to better plan a drenching timetable of your flock.  We can indicate whether it is worth drenching certain mobs at important times of year.

This tool is very useful to prevent over-drenching which in turn will save you money on chemicals and also reduce the speed of drench resistance development on your property.

Different classess of sheep are at risk of worm burden at differnt junctures during the year so it is important to be on top of their health and allow optimal production and growth.  Worms are still one of the most common causes of flock disease and weaner death we are called to.

To get a worm egg count from your mob please contact reception and leet us know when you plan to bring it in.

Collecting fresh and representative samples is very important to ensuring the count is accurate, we generally suggest a minimum of 10 seperate samples.